Dessert for breakfast, anyone?

Ever wanted to eat breakfast and almost feel like you were enjoying a light dessert? Then allow us to tell you about Puff the Magic Porridge a.k.a Klappgröt (known in Finland as Vispipuuro.) Klappgröt is a Swedish porridge made with semolina flour and and the water from boiled lingonberries.

Magic porridge or Klappgröt
It has everything you would want in both a breakfast and even in a dessert sans all the decadence…so pour some cream or milk on it, adorn it with those rubies of goodness, the lingonberries and start your day off!

Photo 4

Lingonberry preserves are just as versatile as a snack. Slather the preserves onto Swedih rye crisps for a mid-afternoon or a late-night snack!

Swedish rye break crisps with lingonberry preserves


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