About Aarthi

Aarthi is a self-professed introvert, nerd, and a food-lover, with a more-than-occasional tendency towards hipsterishness. She wants to travel the distant corners of the earth and has aspirations of some day magically waking up as one of those nonchalantly fashionable, effortlessly intelligent and charmingly quirky women…like a Godard-ian muse gallivating around the globe, talking in non-sequiturs, drinking wine and living life all vivre sa vie and all that! But she is more likely to be found supine on the couch, watching cupcake wars on TV, reading Haruki Murakami or thinking up perfectly valid reasons to not go to the gym. She loves high heels, sugar, makeup, literature, indie music, foreign films, interesting people, passionate arguments, culture and food. She has been known to cook on occasion even!

She is also obnoxious enough to refer to herself in third person.



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